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Trudy has spent two weeks surrounded by walls. One was glass, but it had a view of the rest of the brig. She kept herself occupied as best she can, but four walls. Not flying, not running, not really walking. Four walls, when she's gotten so used to being outside on the science sorties.

When she arrives at Milliways (after going to her quarters, after showering and pulling on shorts and a t-shirt and washing her hair to try and get the smell of the brig out of it) Trudy doesn't stick around inside.

She heads straight for the back door, and climbs a tree.

Not very high, but it's enough.

She's outside, she has a few, and under her bare feet, she has bark. Not silky cement, not cold metal, but living bark.

(she can breathe, now)
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after this:

Carl's room is getting to be quite familiar, Trudy reflects as she helps him through the door. This isn't, she thinks, a bad thing.

Still, thank god for elevators. Just because she could, if needed, carry him up the stairs doesn't mean she ever wants to. Besides, there was a promise of something down in the bar, made with a kiss and all their glances, and she doesn't want that promise to be broken.

"Here we go," Trudy says, shutting the door behind them (and locking it) and watching him carefully. Despite the cheer, there is a genuine edge of worry to her gaze.
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after this:

Let's rock )


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