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Name:Trudy Chacon
Birthdate:Apr 21
JAKE: You guys’re packing some heavy ordinance.
TRUDY: Yeah, ‘cause we’re not the only thing flyin’ around out there.
Or the biggest.

In the year 2151, Chief Warrant Officer Trudy Chacon is a SeCops Marine pilot. She’s stationed on the moon Pandora, on a human colony/base known – appropriately – as Hell’s Gate. As Colonel Quaritch informs every new shipment, “Out beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubees.” Even the air is deadly.

And yet, Trudy - tough, laidback and exceedingly likeable - wouldn’t change her posting for the world.

(Of course, this says as much about the state of Earth as it does about Trudy)

Trudy Chacon is a short, stocky and attractive Hispanic woman who looks around thirty. She speaks with an American accent (bits of Texas, Peru and New Jersery all jumbled up), and her voice is low, mellow and husky. After thirteen years in both the US and RDA Marines, she’s tough, but she’s managed to stay cheerful, down-to-earth, and a bit looser than one might expect. One of the top pilots at Hell’s Gate, she flies an Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson (Samson One Six) with a snarling tiger painted on her cockpit door. Due to the fact that the laidback pilot gets along with everyone, Quaritch has assigned Trudy to fly sorties with the scientists (when she’s not needed doing something else, anyway). Of course, she still has a bit of a wicked streak to her, and nothing quite makes her laugh like watching the civilians’ faces as she flies them through the Pandoran landscape.

Unless otherwise mentioned, Trudy’s wearing the following:

her flightsuit with a singlet underneath (either mostly done up or with the top part shoved off her torso) and a handgun on her right thigh OR loose, combat-style pants with a singlet. In both cases, she’s wearing combat boots, and her black hair is pulled back into a pony-tail.


two necklaces. The first is silver chain with a small gold Bible locket that rests around her collarbone. The second necklace has a chain made of up different chains. This hangs lower, and normally only the white shell (framed by metal) is visible at her neckline. There is a second, slimmer chain that hangs next to the shell, and on this is a bone bead and a small silver wing – this second chain often falls on the inside of her shirts, but not always.

Note: Trudy comes into Milliways about three years pre-canon.

Disclaimer: Trudy Chacon comes from James Cameron’s Avatar, and thus belongs firmly to him. This journal is just for non-profit fun.
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